Wiring information created by USE* means warranty avoidance for Dealer Technicians

USE* has considerably reduced clients' warranty costs by providing invaluable service specific wiring information to help technicians in the dealer network.

Simon Eames, Operations Manager

Wiring information created for dealer technicians avoids warranty costs by minimising time spent finding connectors or understanding vehicle-system scale wiring information. Our capability to create these deliverables in USE* also delivers benefits in terms of enhanced product data at system as well as Service level.

The Challenge

Dealer technicians can lose time trying to interpret large vehicle system specific wiring diagrams created for the purpose of vehicle assembly but not vehicle servicing. This lost time represented warranty cost for our automotive OEM customer, additional cost for our customer’s customers, or revenue loss for our customer’s dealers.

This time can be lost trying to find the relevant components and connectors within the vehicle to resolve a concern or fulfil a repair. In addition vehicle system specific wiring diagrams may not always be accurate.

The Solution

Using our established expertise USE* implemented a method to create dealer-focused Wiring Information. This information is composed of Wiring Schematics, Connector Face View diagrams and Component Location graphics… and is delivered to the customer’s dealers through an online information portal.

The method for the data’s creation is to check over draft schematic information for correct content and overall quality, utilising the extensive experience of the team that have worked within the service environment. The schematic’s integrity is checked and reviewed by the team. Recommendations to support improvements (often component terminology related) are fed back to the harness supplier for implementation into the schematics. From the vehicle system specific wiring diagrams as unique Service Schematics are created, while connector face view diagrams (which show a simple representation of a connector profile in order to help the technician identify the correct connector) are created from online catalogue and specification data. Finally, Component Location graphics are created from 3D CAD geometry in order to facilitate the technician’s quick location of the connector in the engine bay or elsewhere in the vehicle.

This information is then processed through the customer’s publishing system and through to the dealer information portal.

Its Benefits

Service specific wiring information has proved an invaluable asset in helping technicians in the dealer network diagnose and fix customers vehicles in good time. This has reduced our client’s warranty costs and improved customer satisfaction.

Our Achievements

In addition, USE* efforts have significantly improved the efficiency of processing the schematics to the dealer network utilising the customer tool sets. Our extensive experience has helped both our customer’s engineering community and harness suppliers to understand the business requirements for Service. The harness supplier is able to apply USE* recommendations to future products so that the time required to publish a future set of schematic is reduced.

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Wiring Information

Wiring Information

Wiring information avoids Warranty Costs

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