SERP support for ‘standalone’ Powertrain Design


The ‘extended reach’ of SERP support into concept development and new technologies development, now also includes development of ‘standalone’ powertrain systems.

This initiative has been proactively supported by USE* engineers with two OEM clients, and in both cases the results have been extremely beneficial: for example, powertrain engineers are sometimes unaware of the configuration of or method for the utilisation of service tooling used for powertrain repair and maintenance in the aftermarket cycle, or even of the need for the same. In this case, USE* engineers have succeeded in ensuring viable design that supports existing tooling or eliminates the need for special tools altogether. Many other aspects of engine package have also been influenced with a view to creating engines that are more serviceable in multiple installation modes across a range of products.


SERP support for ‘standalone’ Powertrain Design

Engine Design

Support for ‘standalone’ powertrain design
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