There is a refreshing and dynamic quality to the way USE* approach their work. It’s clear that USE* offer something positive, dynamic and new.

Chris Thomas, ISO 9000 Consultant and Quality Engineer

Breathing Fresh Air

Our Origins

USE* was originally founded as UK Service Evolution in January 2006. Restructuring, renaming and rebranding the company as the range of USE* business units began in March 2009.

USE* founder-directors and partners, Nick Cook and Jonathan Quaife, both came from a background working in small or medium-sized businesses delivering contract services to automotive OEMs. They were both familiar with a depressing syndrome: demotivated contract staff working remotely on OEM sites, ignored by their supplier-company and lacking inspiration and leadership.

When they founded USE*, Nick and Jonathan were determined to break the mould, confident that bucking the trend would get better results than USE* competitors could deliver.

Because our staff are never isolated and always managed and supported by our central team of operations managers and directors, as a wider team we can take the strategic view. Our key philosophy is always to deliver a solution rather than a schedule of services. By engaging fully with our customers we are able to deliver support that offers a true value and that meets and exceeds their expectations.

Our Achievements

USE* is a new and dynamic company. Our achievements in just three years highlight our desire to succeed in delivering managed services that meet and complement our customers’ needs. USE* has been at the forefront of such innovations as

  • campaigns reducing warranty costs by promoting design for roadside repair
  • the creation of methods facilitating the application of synthetic algorithms to derive labour times for service repairs from 3D CAD geometry rather than prototype vehicles
  • the creation and deployment of software for collating and publishing workshop manual and labour time data
  • the development and implementation rigorous design for service methods that have delivered millions of dollars of avoided warranty expenditure
  • the development of specialist engineering standards
  • strategic consulting relating to whole-life profitability as a critical element in product cycle planning
  • the development and implementation of published procedure graphics standards that reduce production costs, translation costs, and the number of illustrations needed to illustrate a service repair process

From its foundation as UK Service Evolution, the key objective of USE* has been to deliver a distinctive corporate culture, and a distinctive approach to business. And as a result, today, USE* is characterised by the outstanding quality of the services that we deliver, and by the outstanding quality of the people in our team who deliver them.

Case Studies

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Code for Working

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USE* Calls the Samaritans

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A Voyage into Branding

How UKSE became USE*

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