We value people who acknowledge their responsibility to our customers, to our team, and to themselves.

Jonathan Quaife, USE* Managing Director

Technical Emphasis - What technical competencies do we look for in our new team members?

You may choose to send us an enquiry to work with USE*, rather than responding to any particular advertisment for a role. The information below should be helpful for you.

Joining USE* Automotive

Most employees joining USE* Automotive join our teams delivering SERP design for service support. This work includes evaluating CAD data and attending reviews to assess evolving aspects of a vehicle’s design. Through this CAD and face-to-face monitoring a SERP Engineer ensures that identified service operations are both feasible and achievable within defined targets. Where they are not, working with our customers’ product development engineers to agree design changes that will meet all the needs of the various teams developing the product is another important function.

The main emphasis is on car design and serviceability. If you have worked in a dealership workshop as a Service Technnician, or you’re in the garage every evening rebuilding your 3.0L V6 Toyota Starlet; if you have a degree in automotive engineering (or equivalent experience) and you’re interested in a career involved in cutting edge product development, CAD, and personal growth, then USE* Automotive could be your new professional home.


Joining USE* Publications

Our USE* Publications team is composed of qualified personnel whose expertise spans a wide range of skills. We employ technical illustrators (who work with CAD and graphic design tools to deliver publications such as owner handbooks); methods authors (who use CAD and specialist tools like the USE* Service Repair Tiimes Database to define repair methods, calculate warranty labour times, and create publishable workshop manuals or service bulletins); and other specialists (whose roles are as varied as managing the creation and delivery of a customer’s service publications for markets outside of Europe and North America, to creating vehicle wiring schematics for publication to dealer workshops).

In general we’re looking for computer-literate candidates with an undergraduate degree, and with experience in or a talent for graphic design (illustrators), vehicle repair (methods authors), and communication and project management (all roles). We’ll be pleased to hear from you.


Joining USE* IT

We enjoy bringing talented people into our team.

USE* IT is our newest business unit and looks for enthusiastic, quick-thinking, fast-learners with experience in software development, and who have an instinctual curiosity and desire to learn.

Most of our development work utilises PHP, MySQL, HTML, JavaScript and AJAX. Our projects tend towards the creation of large-scale and complex applications which benefit from experience in project management, time management, careful delineation of functional and technical specifications, and meticulously planned and executed software testing. We expect everybody in our team to be a good communicator with excellent skills in written English, because anybody in our team will potentially fulfill a customer-facing role.

When we’re recruiting our emphasis is usually to find developers. But we’re also interested in hearing from people who can manage the delivery of a project, working with our customers.


Meet Our Team

Anthony Sotheran

Anthony Sotheran

Methods Author
Christopher Witt

Christopher Witt

Operations Manager
Deryck Corless

Deryck Corless

Owner Handbook Author
Mark Salmon

Mark Salmon

Dealer Warranty Performance Analyst

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