If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.

Henry Ford

How would you fit in at USE*? Understanding how we select candidates for our business

Our business at USE* is driven by a group of professionals who share a common passion for quality and service. We always like to hear from like-minded individuals.

Getting in - in the Zone

When looking for new team members, we are always realistic in matching candidate’s abilities to the requirements of the role. We want our new starters to begin their new roles working in their comfort zones… but only just.

This does not mean we necessarily expect potential employees to join us with the complete set of skills required to fulfill a role, but it is essential that candidates demonstrate the willingness to adapt and learn. Our expectation is that our new candidates’ learning experiences will be intense in their first few weeks of working with USE*.

Beyond this we are looking for people who are a good fit with the existing team, which to us is just as important as their previous skills and experience.

USE* Core Competencies

We find the right people, and we help the right people find USE*, by ensuring that our recruitment provides an opportunity for us and the candidate to get to know each other on a technical and personal level.

We look for and measure the same core competencies in every potential employee, no matter what role they are applying for. These are:

  • communication and dependability
  • teamwork
  • commercial awareness and innovation
  • self-awareness and empathy

These USE* core competencies set out a common language for the range of knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours which are important for success in all our roles at USE*.

Technical Competencies

In addition to this, it is equally important for us to understand whether or not the technical competence of each individual reflects the requirements of the role we’re considering her or him for.

We do this by providing real life examples of the work we do for candidates to tackle. This enables potential employees to appreciate what their typical activities in the role might be like, and to demonstrate their suitability for fulfilling them.

Although this can be a daunting experience, how an individual approaches the challenge can often be just as important as getting the answers right.

Our Success

The quality of our team at USE* speaks for itself.

Our emphasis on communication and dependability means that always being given the opportunity to take responsibility encourages our employees to take ownership of their own and of our collective future in USE*.

If you feel that you could be part of our team and contribute to our success story, then please do get in touch. We are always looking for professionals to join our vision and share our journey.

Meet Our Team

Graeme Burgess

Graeme Burgess

USE* Rich Portal Applications Developer
John Shaw

John Shaw

World Markets Specialist
Russell Davey

Russell Davey

SERP Engineer
Simon Eames

Simon Eames

Operations Manager, USE* Publications

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