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USE* recognises the importance of protecting the personal information and the privacy of data provided by you, that may personally identify you, and which we collect in connection with your use of any USE* website ("website") and the services offered on that website ("services"), referred to in this policy as ("Personal Data").
  • Why we ask you for your Personal Data
  • What data we ask you to provide and when
  • How to contact us for further information
  • How we use your Personal Data
  • How we use your email and IP addresses
  • Partner Sites
  • Do we use Cookies?
  • Advertising on our Website
  • How can you change, correct or update your Personal Data?
  • How to close your user registration

Why we ask you for Your Personal Data

We may ask you for your Personal Data to allow you to use a USE* website and services most effectively and for us to work on your behalf to develop our services for you (for example, by making available services which are relevant to you).  
We may ask that you provide us with some information about you to enable us to meet this objective. We may ask you for additional information from time to time and will store this information with the data we already keep about you. If this happens, you may change, update or remove it at any time in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

What data we ask you to provide and when

USE* will always notify you as to the types of Personal Data and any other information we are collecting about you, as well as the uses that USE* intends to make of such information. If you complete a USE* registration process we will collect your full name, address, email address and such other relevant information as we may state in the registration, from time-to-time. We may collect data that tracks how you use our website or services.

How to contact us for further information

Your questions regarding our Privacy Policy should be directed to USE*, who will be pleased to assist you with any questions or problems you might have. To contact USE* please e-mail

How We use your Personal Data

We will only use your Personal Data to improve your use of services, the quality and relevance of any communications we send to you, and the website itself.  
Except as we state in this Privacy Policy, we do not sell, rent or provide third parties with any of the information composing your Personal Data and that enables you to be personally identified.  
USE* may, however, collect certain non-personally identifiable information about you, such as the number and types of sessions and transactions that you make using the website and services. This information may be aggregated with that collected in respect of all users of a website and services in the form of general demographic or geographic statistical information. This information may, for example, allow us to understand and analyse the frequencies, numbers and types of products and services that all users of the website and services are choosing to use. These statistics may be collected in respect of specific partners. Only such non-personally identifiable information will be made available by USE* to third parties; never your Personal Data that identifies you, such as your name, address, financial details, or email address.

How we use your email and IP addresses

USE* uses your email address primarily to contact you in the way we have described and for the administration of the website and the services offered by us. If however you do not wish receive emails that we send for information or marketing purposes please notify us (  
We may use a website's IP address log to determine where users of the website are located and where problems such as accessing the website may have originated.  
Any statistical information is aggregated on an anonymous basis about all users of our Website. This statistical information may be used by USE* to help us develop enhanced services as part of the website and services.
The information provided by you in relation to your log-in and user identity is, subject to the statements made above, unique to you and viewable only by USE* and by you.  
From time to time we may confirm your email address by sending an email to the address that you have registered. We may also from time to time as required send registered users an email message containing information about updates to a website, its services, or in accordance with the relevant USE* User Terms. Additionally, we may contact you via your email address in the event that we need to inform you of any issues or problems with the Website, the services or any specific transaction carried out by you.

Partner Sites

We believe that the statements we make in this Privacy Policy should always apply to you. However some of the services made available to you may mean that you leave the website not governed by USE*, and where you enter another website it will not be possible to apply our Privacy Policy to that site.

Do we use Cookies?

USE* websites may use small pieces of data know as "cookies". Cookies can be downloaded to your browser when you log-in to a website: USE* may use cookies to identify users on a website. Cookies enable us to remember your log-in and password so you do not have to remember it and re-enter it each time you visit our website. USE* cookies cannot be read or used by any other websites and do not contain your Personal Data.

Advertising on our Websites

We may use an advertising company to display banner advertisements on one or more of our websites. These advertisements may contain cookies. While we may use cookies on other parts of our website, we do not have access to the information stored on cookies received with banner advertisements.

How can you change, correct or update your Personal Data?

We aim to make sure that the information we keep about you is up to date. We will change any of the information we keep about you at any time when you notify Us at

How to Close Your user Registration

If you wish to cease your use of a USE* website you may close your relevant USE* service membership by notifying us at We will withdraw the information held by us about you from the relevant USE* database. In any case where we have the right to terminate your use of a USE* service, we will confirm by email to you that your relevant user registration has been closed.  
USE* recommends that you review this Privacy Policy periodically as we may update it from time to time with the aim of ensuring that you are fully informed of our use of your Personal Data.

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