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Quick reference guides provide an example of USE* services making a direct contribution to the quality of the customer's ownership experience.

Simon Eames, Operations Manager
As vehicle content becomes more and more complex, a key challenge for automotive OEM’s is ensuring that they deliver awareness to their customers regarding the capabilities of the vehicle and its on board systems. Better dissemination of this information leads to higher customer satisfaction and fewer issues reported through the networks as, ‘things gone wrong’. USE* were recently engaged to help address this issue by assisting one of our customers to develop ‘Quick Reference Guide’ owner literature.

The Challenge

One of our prestigious Automotive OEM clients asked USE* to introduce a new style Quick Reference Guide to complemented the existing vehicle Owner Handbook. However, although content required for the publication was clearly delineated, no explicit brief was provided with regard to how to present the data. Given that, for the lead programmes carrying the new deliverable, the publications would need to meet the original handbook timing, acquiring legal and safety approval were also key constraints.

The Solution

Leveraging wider use expertise and assets meant that USE* could deliver a flexible response. We had already worked with this "Quick" format of Owner Literature with other customers, allowing us to leverage our expertise and previous experience to achieve the desired result quickly. Following various conversations with engineering and the quality team, we soon had an agreed format that would complement the handbook. The method used to create the content was a very similar approach to the handbook. The document would be a maximum of 20 pages created on a single sheet, subsequently folded by the printers.

Our Achievements

The team met the target and the deliverable was ready well in advance of Job #1. All this was achieved using new agreed Global Standards, a new Global Outline and a change with authoring in accordance with particular language standards. This new form of Owner Literature will become standard for all our customer's products. In helping to reduce TGW's, this means that our customers can raise their profile within their industry .
Its Benefits

The biggest benefit with this project was the reduction in TGW's and customer complaints. Being able to use the guide to point out areas traditionally known as difficult for a customer to understand was met with great enthusiasm. In addition, the quality and content of the deliverable exactly met the requirements of our customer based on benchmarking against their competitors.


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