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Nick Cook, Business Development Director
Working with one of our OEM clients, Warranty Communications support composes a managed service for the electronic delivery of Warranty Manual and Warranty Bulletin information. Warranty Manual is publications provide guidelines for dealers with regard to working with our client’s warranty systems and policies; Warranty Bulletins are ad-hoc publications that provide information about policy changes that, for example, might affect ways which claims are assessed or submitted.

The Challenge

Working within an automotive OEM client, our Warranty Communications team occasionally receives requests to produce a Warranty Bulletin within periods that fall far short of the agreed service levels. When we do, we have to react fast to keep customer satisfaction levels at the very high standard we have taken time and good process to achieve.

To produce a Warranty Bulletin that delivers the exact message that is required and follows authoring standards takes time. At USE* we not only write the communication, we also manage each publication as a single project. A significant element of the work involves ‘pulling together’ resources and contacts. We liaise with the requestor, time manage the sign-off procedure, liaise with the translation teams, and publish the finished article through dealer network media. To complete a request from start to publication in a considerably reduced period requires time management skills since, at any given time, reactive work of this kind will not be the only work that the team are expected to deliver.

Due to the financial implications of delay, one recent request (a task that has a service level of around 30 days) was required within a ten working day period.

The Solution

Initially our team worked to assist the requestor complete the new communication request documentation, making sure we had all the correct and required information at the time of the request and avoiding a process of to-and-fro clarification that can often ensue and prove time consuming.

We also worked to ensure that the sign-off procedure for the Warranty Bulletin was given high priority by all parties and that the review group were encouraged to complete their tasks promptly and effectively. Any reviews that looked as if they may be outstanding at the deliverable’s deadline were chased or escalated to encourage the reviewer to complete the review and sign off quickly.

Finally, translation time was reduced to a minimum with the translation suppliers monitored hourly to check on progress.

Our Achievements

Other than the short term and evident achievement of providing the required Warranty Bulletin in a very short time frame, doing so exposed opportunities to improve the current process that USE* is now pursuing.
Its Benefits

The result was that the Warranty Bulletin was published on time. Because the communication reduced warranty costs from the moment of publication, our timely and efficient delivery saved warranty costs for our OEM customer by driving tighter warranty controls for dealers, removing ambiguities for warranty auditors, and providing a clearer set of rules for the warranty operations department to assess claims with.

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