USE* works to streamline Diagnostic Cycle Times


USE* engineers are acting with a prestigious OEM client to help address a common diagnostics problem: occasionally dissonance exists between the time taken for a Dealer Technician to intuitively identify a vehicle fault and the time taken for this assessment to be confirmed or denied by OEM-delivered diagnostic tools. How can the dealer technician’s intuition be turned to a benefit in these circumstances?

The time differential can function as a penalty to dealers, who may be unable to claim the full cost from the manufacturer in terms of hours spent following the proscribed sequence of tests and repairs as defined by the diagnostic sequence.

For a prestigious household name OEM client, USE* have begun to help address this problem by working collaboratively between our customer’s Dealers, and their in-house Service Engineering and Diagnostics communities. The goal will be to identify ‘high hurt’ instances and, in these cases, devise means to revise diagnostics processes that will empower them to function on a ‘Pareto Logic’ basis; i.e. ensuring that for identified popular repairs or frequent faults, the first 20% of the possible diagnostic steps fully diagnose or resolve 80% of symptoms or faults.


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