USE* extends services to Dealer Support


USE* have extended the reach of its services into ‘downstream’ dealer support. Leveraging our unique positioning in the aftermarket business, USE* is supporting a prestigious OEM client’s Dealer Warranty Performance Analysis programme.

Understanding how dealers are performing in terms of warranty costs paid by the OEM is a key metric in an automotive industry where warranty costs for manufacturers amount to hundreds of millions. Our client’s Dealer Warranty Performance Analysis programme will rank dealers in terms of the efficiency of their warranty-funded business and allow closer and more profitable business collaboration between our OEM client and its best-ranking dealerships.

Analysis of dealers’ warranty performance will consider factors such as proportion of warranty repairs per 1,000 vehicles fixed or serviced by the dealer; turnaround time from customer delivery to fix and collection; or dealer training statuses. Further analysis will be undertaken with high performing dealers to understand how they deliver best in class results. On this basis, best practices can be disseminated across the wider dealer network, while high-ranking dealerships can be inducted into collaborative programmes that streamline warranty processes to deliver better returns for the OEM and the dealership.


USE* Engineers complete TCe training

TCe Training

USE* Engineers complete TeamCenter training
USE* sponsors Eastcotts Football Club Youth Team

USE* sponsors Eastcotts FC

USE* sponsors Eastcotts FC Youth Team
Focus on Digital Serviceability delivers Best in Class Residual Values for Jaguar XF

Jaguar XF Residuals

USE* help Jaguar's XF gain best in class residuals
USE* develop Standards for Workshop Manual Creation

WSM Standard

USE* Workshop Manual Authoring Standard

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