USE* deliver Owner Literature content for In-Car-Entertainment Systems


Across a range of clients USE* supports the delivery of Owner Literature for some twenty vehicle programmes per year. This February, however, USE* technical authors completed the first digital-media Owner Literature dataset that our team has authored.

Working with a household name luxury car brand, the content authored was a mix of literature for statutory printed publications as well as menu-driven on-screen data for touch-screen interaction via the vehicle’s In-Car-Entertainment (ICE) System. Creating and validating the structure for the interactive content was also an important aspect of this work. The project has provided our customer and USE* with experience that will be taken forward to many of our customer’s other products and throughout our work in the industry generally.


Streamlining SERP Methods

Streamlining SERP

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Mechanical repair times

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USE* unveil e-Manual

USE* unveil e-Manual

Owner Literature as multi-platform electronic media
Study shows US$164 million projected benefit from USE* SERP support

US$164 million benefit from USE*

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