Aston Martin Lagonda delivers "100% digital" Workshop Manual


Support from USE* has helped Aston Martin stand among the global leaders in technical publications innovation, publishing a workshop manual with near zero dependence upon prototype or pre-production cars.

Acknowledged by many as Aston Martin Lagonda’s most significant vehicle for many years, the Rapide has generated huge applause since its debut at the Detroit Motor show in 2006. The World’s most elegant four-door sports car required a workshop manual that went much further than any of the brand’s previous publications innovations, authoring the manual for the entire vehicle from digital data only.

Because all of the procedures are authored in Simplified Technical English (an aerospace industry standard that simplifies English and makes it easier to understand), and because the graphics are coloured coded, workshop manual procedures were more easily understood by technicians whose first language wasn’t English. The project was delivered on time, with each author spending less than three hours authoring time on each workshop manual procedure.

And with every warranty time supported by an efficiently-created workshop manual procedure, USE* Publications and Aston Martin Lagonda are expected to increase Right First Time fixes. So far the feedback from the technicians using the manual has been nothing but positive.


Streamlining SERP Methods

Streamlining SERP

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Mechanical repair times for independent workshops

Mechanical repair times

Mechanical repair times to complement body fixes
USE* unveil e-Manual

USE* unveil e-Manual

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Study shows US$164 million projected benefit from USE* SERP support

US$164 million benefit from USE*

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