USE* announce Greener Company Car Scheme


USE* have announced a company car scheme to compliment their ISO14001 accreditation and have placed orders for the first batch of vehicles.

Working with Tusker, a company car provider, USE* has developed a scheme that rewards its employees for driving greener cars. Nominated employees are allowed to join the scheme provided that their chosen vehicle has a CO2 emission rating of less than 150 grams per km. These cars fall into car tax band F and below. As an added incentive, if the employee chooses a vehicle with a CO2 emission rating of less than 120 grams per km, USE* will pass on all tax and NI savings gained through the scheme to the employee, which can be as much as £40 a month.

The first two cars to be ordered through the scheme are both from the Volvo DRIVe range, with CO2 emission ratings of just 119 grams per km.

This scheme was not just welcomed by the team at USE*, but also by the ISO14001 assessors.


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