USE* Quality Process implemented with Design for Service Support


USE* Automotive has recently developed and implemented a quality review process for SERP Design for Service serviceability studies.

USE* Automotive’s team, and the range of customers and products they support, has grown considerably since the company’s foundation in 2006. A key aspect of SERP (Service Evaluation and Repair Process) Design for Service support is each SERP engineer’s product familiarity, as well as his or her ability to translate practical experience of vehicle repairs into the digital simulation environment. Of these criteria, product familiarity in particular is difficult to engender across a growing team and a growing supported product range.

To address this changing technical landscape and with a particular focus on new business, USE* Automotive now support all SERP applications with a quality process. Its foundation is a peer review mechanism ensuring that product knowledge and key aspects of practical familiarity are shared throughout the relevant portions of the team. One qualified vehicle technician sharing his or her experience with another adds considerable weight to USE* services, and also saves time, ensuring SERP resources are better utilised and better targeted for a given product.

Review of extant studies on an array of products is also integral to these forums. All reviews are carefully minuted, with any key observations noted for the purpose of, for example, wider process improvements.

The process, launched in July, has already favourably impacted USE* Automotive’s services for their customers, helping USE* and our customers reprioritise the focus for SERP support on two new vehicle programmes.


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