USE* promotes a Design for Remanufacture Agenda


USE* has placed remanufacture on the design agenda, defining a strategy to ensure that Reman capability is incorporated into components from their design conception.

The use of remanufactured components offers OEMs a significant saving in warranty costs. The cost and retail price of a remanufactured part is typically 60% of the cost of a new part. This lower retail price can also drive savings in shipping and handling charges payable by the OEM, which in some markets can be as much as the cost of the part itself.

In much of today's industry remanufacture is an afterthought, only considered once a component has been designed and is in production. USE* are creating a process to ensure reman capability is designed into the part at the earliest possible stage in its development. By taking this proactive approach to reman capability, the costs of remanufacture can be greatly reduced and the level at which a component can be remanufactured is maximised.

In support of this, USE* has created a series of design standards and guidelines which can be cascaded to Product Development and sent out to suppliers with RFQ packs when suppliers are engaged.


Streamlining SERP Methods

Streamlining SERP

Process governed by culture change
Mechanical repair times for independent workshops

Mechanical repair times

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USE* unveil e-Manual

USE* unveil e-Manual

Owner Literature as multi-platform electronic media
Study shows US$164 million projected benefit from USE* SERP support

US$164 million benefit from USE*

A warranty-claims data study affirms the value of SERP

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