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27/05/2011 00:00
USE* to produce Technical Publications for Aston Martin

USE* Automotive Consulting are pleased to announce that they have been appointed as the provider of Technical Publications by Aston Martin where we will be responsible for all technical and owner literature. This builds on the strong relationship developed between USE* and Aston Martin since the engagement of USE* to deliver Workshop Manuals for the latest Aston Martin models.

USE* have developed an entirely digital methodology for the production of Workshop Manuals which uses CAD to determine the repair method, labour time and create photo-realistic illustrations in USE*’s own authoring software. Without the need for physical vehicles the efficiencies gained from the methodology have reduced the cost of authoring and enable USE* to deliver workshop manuals before vehicles are ready to ship which is crucial for supporting dealers.

USE* will now be responsible for production of all Technical Publications and will have a team of authors based at Aston Martin’s Gaydon Headquarters

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06/02/2012 15:43
USE* Charity Support in 2011

This year USE* has supported a number of charitable organisations. One close to our hearts is Operation Shoebox - a project which encourages people to fill a shoebox with a personal letter and useful items for those who are serving in our armed forces out in Afghanistan.

Our donations to Operation Shoebox have enabled the project to fill care parcels on our behalf and send them to troops. USE* sponsored 50 of these parcels to be sent on our behalf to troops over the Christmas period.

USE* also chose to donate to SAACID, which is a partner organisation of Oxfam. The charity aims to provide free health care for thousands of children in Mogadishu and other parts of Somalia, and helps to fund health centres, nursing staff and medical equipment in some of the most war torn areas of the country.

Finally USE* donated to SCOPE, a disability charity which supports disabled people in receiving the same opportunities as non-disabled people.

Donations made to Operation Shoebox, SAACID and SCOPE totalled £900 in 2011.

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20/05/2011 13:02
USE* works to streamline Diagnostic Cycle Times

USE* engineers are acting with a prestigious OEM client to help address a common diagnostics problem: occasionally dissonance exists between the time taken for a Dealer Technician to intuitively identify a vehicle fault and the time taken for this assessment to be confirmed or denied by OEM-delivered diagnostic tools. How can the dealer technician’s intuition be turned to a benefit in these circumstances?

The time differential can function as a penalty to dealers, who may be unable to claim the full cost from the manufacturer in terms of hours spent following the proscribed sequence of tests and repairs as defined by the diagnostic sequence.

For a prestigious household name OEM client, USE* have begun to help address this problem by working collaboratively between our customer’s Dealers, and their in-house Service Engineering and Diagnostics communities. The goal will be to identify ‘high hurt’ instances and, in these cases, devise means to revise diagnostics processes that will empower them to function on a ‘Pareto Logic’ basis; i.e. ensuring that for identified popular repairs or frequent faults, the first 20% of the possible diagnostic steps fully diagnose or resolve 80% of symptoms or faults.

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13/05/2011 12:55
USE* extends services to Dealer Support

USE* have extended the reach of its services into ‘downstream’ dealer support. Leveraging our unique positioning in the aftermarket business, USE* is supporting a prestigious OEM client’s Dealer Warranty Performance Analysis programme.

Understanding how dealers are performing in terms of warranty costs paid by the OEM is a key metric in an automotive industry where warranty costs for manufacturers amount to hundreds of millions. Our client’s Dealer Warranty Performance Analysis programme will rank dealers in terms of the efficiency of their warranty-funded business and allow closer and more profitable business collaboration between our OEM client and its best-ranking dealerships.

Analysis of dealers’ warranty performance will consider factors such as proportion of warranty repairs per 1,000 vehicles fixed or serviced by the dealer; turnaround time from customer delivery to fix and collection; or dealer training statuses. Further analysis will be undertaken with high performing dealers to understand how they deliver best in class results. On this basis, best practices can be disseminated across the wider dealer network, while high-ranking dealerships can be inducted into collaborative programmes that streamline warranty processes to deliver better returns for the OEM and the dealership.

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08/04/2011 12:41
SERP support for ‘standalone’ Powertrain Design

The ‘extended reach’ of SERP support into concept development and new technologies development, now also includes development of ‘standalone’ powertrain systems.

This initiative has been proactively supported by USE* engineers with two OEM clients, and in both cases the results have been extremely beneficial: for example, powertrain engineers are sometimes unaware of the configuration of or method for the utilisation of service tooling used for powertrain repair and maintenance in the aftermarket cycle, or even of the need for the same. In this case, USE* engineers have succeeded in ensuring viable design that supports existing tooling or eliminates the need for special tools altogether. Many other aspects of engine package have also been influenced with a view to creating engines that are more serviceable in multiple installation modes across a range of products.

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